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The Right People

As Canada's University Capital, Nova Scotia has among the highest ratios of educational facilities and workforce to population in the North America.

The province has among the highest ratios of educational facilities and workforce to population in North America. This translates in to a highly skilled and diversified talent pool, ranging from new graduates to expats and alumni who wish to return to the province to live and work. Nova Scotians also have a long-standing reputation as loyal and hard-working employees. Employers often comment on the low turnover rates they experience here versus other locations.

University Graduate Prospects

Nova Scotia is home to 10 universities and 13 community college campuses in cities and towns across the province. Our universities enroll students from over 100 countries around the world and offer a full-range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Year after year, Nova Scotia's universities have been awarded top honours by Maclean's Magazine University Rankings - ranking three of our universities among the top ten undergraduate universities in Canada in 2014

Nova Scotia Total Enrolments and Graduates (2013/2014) Enrolment: 10,745
Graduate: 10,057
Nova Scotia Community College Enrolment and Credentials Granted (2013/2014) Graduates: 4,772
Business management and public administration (2013/2014) Enrolment: 9,184
Graduates: 2,121 (including masters & PhDs)

Partnerships with Universities & Community College

Industry, academia and government work together in Nova Scotia to ensure students continue to graduate with the skills employers are looking for. Post-secondary institutions in the province partner with industry to tailor programs specific to need-ensuring Nova Scotia companies remain sustainable into the future.