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The Right Location

Nova Scotia is strategically located on Canada's East Coast - perfect for international business management and distribution. If you're looking for the right location to reach the world, you'll find it here.

A Strategic Accessible Location

Nova Scotia's natural advantages include ice-free harbours around the province with some of the deepest berths on North America's east coast. Not only is shipping raw materials into Nova Scotia easy, but shipping finished goods to the world is just as effortless. In fact, Nova Scotia connects trade to over 150 countries with service from many of the world's leading shipping lines. Uniquely positioned on the eastern edge of North America, Nova Scotia serves as an accessible location to service the American market, yet is close enough to Europe that their workdays overlap.

Proximity to Major Centers - Air Travel

Nova Scotia offers efficient access to Eastern and Central North American market with an excellent ground to air transportation info-list. Halifax has the only US pre-clearance facility in Atlantic Canada.

Daily non-stop flights from Halifax

Departure For Travel Time
New York(JFK) 2hrs 5minutes
Boston 1hr 30minutes
Detroit 2hrs 35minutes
Chicago 3hrs 25minutes
Philadephia 2hrs 20minutes
Toronot 2hrs 20minutes
Montral 1hrs 35minutes
Ottawa 1hrs 50minutes
Calgary 5hrs 30minutes
London (Heathrow) 5hrs 50minutes
Glasgow 5hrs 45minutes

Weekly non-stop flights from Halifax

Departure For Travel Time
Atlanta 3hrs 30minutes
London(Gatwick) 5hrs 40minutes
Frankfurt(4/week) 6hrs 45minutes
Reykjavik (3/week) 4hrs 15minutes
Washington, DC 2hrs 15minutes
Dublin-Paris 7hrs 35minutes


Nova Scotia's Hibernia Atlantic is a key interconnecting hub for Canadian telecommunication service providers. In fact, its diverse trans-Atlantic cable route is the only fast, direct connection for the US and Canada to Ireland and the UK. Its world-class connectivity means companies can efficiently and confidently share and distribute information across the Atlantic or from major cities across North America.


Nova Scotia's strategic location between Europe and North America, infrastructure connectivity, logistics facilities, and competitive costs make it an ideal location for companies with high levels of exports.


  • Halifax Stanfield International Airport is the largest airport in Atlantic Canada: over3.5 million passengers, over 87,000 aircraft movements, and 29,263 metric tonnes of cargo in 2011.
  • Closest major mainland airport to Europe. Just more than a 5 hour flight to London, over 2 hours to New York and Toronto and over 3 hours to Chicago.
  • 10,500 foot runway allowing largest planes to land.


  • Efficient intermodal connections to key markets in Central Canada and the USMidwest have cargo arriving up to 5 days faster than other port gateways.


North American Railway, CN, offers competitive transportation solutions designed to meet the dynamic needs of customers from across North America and overseas, and is recognized as a leader in the industry. On-dock rail is available at the Fairview Cove Container Terminal and the South End Container Terminal, and CN's main line passes alongside the Halifax Logistics Park. There are regular, efficient rail connections to Central Canada and US Midwest.

Destination Duration
Montreal 33 hours
Toronto 46 hours
Chicago 74 hours
Detroit 89 Hours
Minneapolis 116 hours
Destination Duration
Montreal 33 hours
Toronto 46 hours
Chicago 74 hours
Detroit 89 Hours
Minneapolis 116 hours


1,200 kilometres of National Highway System roadways linked to 22,000 kilometres of secondary roads. With an ever-expanding four-lane highway system, Nova Scotia has direct road info-list to the rest of Canada and North America. These modern, all-weather highways provide companies with exceptional ease of travel and shipment. Nova Scotia's highway corridors link to the rest of the Atlantic Region and to the US Northwest (New England) and Central Canada.

Urban Center km miles truck time(hours)
Portland, ME 916 569 12:15
Montreal 1325 823 18:25
New York 1470 913 20:25
Toronto 1864 1158 25:50
Detroit 2234 1388 30:45
Chicago 2605 1618 35:50

Oil & Gas

Atlantic Canada has one of North America's fastest growing offshore oil and gas sectors. It is estimated there are about 120 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and eight billion barrels of oil offshore in Nova Scotia.

Companies are investing in petroleum geology research, oil prospecting and drilling, oil and gas development, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities. Projects like the 014B Hebron Oil project in Newfoundland and Labrador are big, as are three LNG facilities proposed for Nova Scotia:

  • the 08.3B Pieridae Energy project
  • the 03B H-Energy LNG plant
  • and the 02B Bear Head export terminal

The LNG terminals plan to source gas internationally and locally from Encana's Deep Panuke and ExxonMobil's Sable Offshore Energy projects.

Nova Scotia is also seeing an exploration boom. Shell and BP are spending 01B each on offshore projects. Both companies have completed 3D seismic surveying and drilling targets are being identified. Shell and BP seismic programs employ hundreds of people in key logistics, environmental assessment, and support roles.

Other local companies involved include:

  • Atlantic Towing Inc.
  • Cougar Helicopters
  • Mathers Logistics
  • Secunda Marine
  • Superport Marine Services
  • Survival Systems Training Ltd.

Oil & Gas Projects:

  • Shell Offshore Parcels: Shelburne Basin
  • BP Offshore Parcels: Scotian Basin
  • Exxon Mobil's Sable Offshore Platform: Thebaud Central Processing Facility
  • Deep Panuke Offshore Platform
  • Bear Head, owned by LNGN Limited, proposed facility: Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
  • H-Energy's proposed LNG Facility: Melford, Nova Scotia
  • Pieridae Energy's proposed LNG Facility: Goldboro, Nova Scotia
Natural Gas Pipeline

Nova Scotia is equipped with a secure natural gas infrastructure through the Maritimes Northeast Pipeline. The pipeline is a 1,400 km line that spans Atlantic Canada and the Northeastern United States with approximately 76/ 61 cm diameter. It interconnects with Portland Natural Gas Transmission System, Tennessee Gas Transmission, and Algonquin Gas Transmission. The line has capacity for the gas required and they have many possible producers because of the interconnectivity. The pipeline and ExxonMobil (9.55%).

Atlantic Canada Mega Projects

The current projects include a number of offshore and onshore oil and gas, mining and manufacturing projects. The growth in resource and manufacturing projects is also matched by a growth in investment at the local level in transportation systems, infrastructure, and residential and commercial property.

Represented on this map below are the large scale projects underway or planned within the Atlantic Canadian Region with a current combined investment of approximately $129B. These projects are from a variety of sectors: energy, mining, construction and transportation.