About the District of Guysborough
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The District offers the lowest residential tax rates in Nova Scotia. Land is plentiful and reasonably-priced. The pace of economic growth will be determined, to a great extent, by the development of port and other projects. But that there is an economic future is not in doubt.

While the citizens and municipal government are committed to economic growth, they also know what they have and won’t compromise what they value. That is an unmatched and unspoiled natural environment and a way of life that rests on communities where neighbours care about one another.

The District is truly a "community of communities." The Mi'kmaq, the French, English, Acadians and Loyalists, including a large number of African descent, all lay claim to an aspect of the Municipality's history and are a crucial part of its future.

Natural, unspoiled, diverse, caring and on the cusp of a new, and exciting economic opportunities. That is the District of Guysborough today. From here you can see for miles, from here you can see your future.

Indeed every step you take - every turn of the eye - furnishes some new combination of land and water, some scenic grace that was not at first observed; and the result of the whole survey satisfies . . . that there are few places in the province whose natural beauties and great commercial advantages are more agreeably blended.

That is how Guysborough was described more than 150 years ago by Joseph Howe (1804 - 1873), Premier and Lieutenant Governor of the Province. His words are as true today as they were then.