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Land and Housing

The District of Guysborough has the lowest residential property taxes in the province. There is land and housing available, at prices that are competitive or better than most other parts of the province.

The housing stock in the District provides an interesting mix of modern and traditional houses. Municipal water and sewer systems are available in the shiretown of Guysborough and the community of Canso. Municipal sewer service is also available in Little Dover and municipal water service is provided in Hazel Hill and the Tickle. There are plans to expand these services. High-speed internet access is available across the District.

The total land mass of the District of Guysborough is 211,682 hectares. There are 23,953 hectares of protected land, or 11.3 per cent of the District’s total land mass, a figure well above the provincial average. In preparation for residential growth and economic development, the Municipality undertook an extensive land use planning process. Three areas have been designated for industrial activity. Land-use plans were developed for all seven districts based upon extensive community consultation. The Municipality is currently in the process of including the former Town of Canso in its Land Use Planning. These plans provide effective direction regarding land use to current and future landowners.

The municipal Planning Department can answer all questions related to zoning and subdivision development, while building and related permits are issued by the municipal Building and Fire Inspection Department.

Whatever makes Guysborough feel like home to so many is both difficult to define and impossible to measure. For many the pull they have . . . is as real as the moonlight reflected on the harbour, the evening breeze, the curl of the fog off the coast, the first glimpse of red leaves in the fall, the sun's heat on a summer afternoon, or a casual wave from someone who is not surprised to see you home.

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