About the District of Guysborough
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The business, or commercial tax rate in the District is competitive with other rural areas in the province, and generally much lower than in urban municipalities.

The current commercial property tax rate is $2.58 per $100 of assessed property value. Commercial property includes all property except residential property and resource property, including forest land owned by a person who owns fifty thousand acres or more.

At the urging of the municipalities, the Province of Nova Scotia has phased out the province’s business occupancy tax.

All property assessment in the province is done by the Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC). When commencing a business you must provide them with:

  • the type and name of the business
  • mailing address
  • location of the business
  • square footage occupied
  • rent paid (where applicable)
  • start date

The assessed business occupancy owner is required to notify their local PVSC office within 7 days of any opening and within 30 days of a closing or change in space occupied.

If you make changes to your business such as name, address, change in space occupied or ownership, your local PVSC will require notification within 30 days.

Additional Information

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How do I find out more information about assessments?

Information is available online at Property Assessment Online. If you have other questions or wish to obtain more information about your property assessment, please contact your local PVSC office.